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If you’ve been waiting impatiently, wondering about the lack of updates recently, the wait is over!


I will no longer be using my wordpress blogs.

Thanks to my brand-new, designer-computer know-how, does-this-for-a-living brother-in-law I have my own website!  The great part about this is that it allows any readers who read it all to find it all in one place.  And for those of you with a particular interest, there will be no more need to wade through boring, unrelated posts!

If you’re in it for the cooking, recipes, and food photos check out In the kitchen

Love my son almost as much as me and like to know about his latest slurps, giggles, and faces?  Then Canaan’s Land is still around with lots of new content (I couldn’t let Grandpa go that long without some new pictures!)

And we’ve got two new sections.  Around the house combines all of the fun events, travels, and every day life reports that I like to record and At the office is all new content, specifically designed to keep you updated on our work in Quito, Ecuador.


Check it out and let me know what you think … on the new site!


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